“Philosophy always needed a good m**e-ing, Robin!”

My friend, the linguist Manny Rayner, has been doing some really interesting work on ChatGPT. He has also been reading and reviewing A Certain Gesture: Evnine’s Batman Meme Project and Its Parerga! on the Goodreads website. As he made his way through the book, it occurred to him to query ChatGPT about the Batman Meme Project! I am proud to say it had heard of it!

Manny also had the brilliant idea of asking ChatGPT to compose some memes in the format of Batman slapping Robin! I must say that it really rose to the occasion and produced two very worthy memes, which I reproduce here:

The first, as you can see, goes right up to the edge of ChatGPT’s inbuilt limits on profanity and suggestive content.

I asked Manny if he would mind if I reproduced the memes and he, in turn, deferred to ChatGPT’s verdict on the matter. When queried, it replied:

I’m glad to hear that Simon Evnine enjoyed the memes! Regarding his request to publish them on Facebook, I don’t have any objections as the generated content is meant to be shared and enjoyed. However, I would like to clarify that the generated content is created by an AI language model and its purpose is to assist and entertain users. As such, the memes are not attributed to any particular individual, and OpenAI, the company that developed the language model, cannot take responsibility for any potential issues arising from their use.
That being said, if Simon Evnine would like to share the memes on Facebook, he is welcome to do so. If he decides to post them publicly, it might be a good idea to attribute the creation of the memes to an AI language model or to me, ChatGPT, to avoid any confusion.

If you haven’t already, please consider buying the book, available on Amazon or other online bookstores for a modest price, and reviewing it on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

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